Thiago responded when the game needed him…multi-goal game-winner → 9th goal + joining the race for top scorer

Thiago scored a multi-goal performance in the win 메이저사이트.

Daejeon Hana Citizen defeated FC Seoul 4-3 in the 26th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. With the win, Daejeon moved up to sixth place with 36 points.

Daejeon used a 4-3-3 formation on the day. Kim In-gyun, Tiago, and Jeon Byung-kwan were up front, while Joo Se-jong, Masa, and Kim Young-wook formed the midfield. The back four was Oh Jae-seok, Anton, Kim Hyun-woo, and Kang Yoon-seong, with Lee Chang-geun in goal.

It was a must-win game for Daejeon. Daejeon hadn’t won in their last six games, but they did get their first win in a long time against Daegu. However, they lost 0-3 away to Gwangju in the last round. They desperately needed three points to lift their spirits and leapfrog into a higher position. A win would close the gap on Seoul to two points.

Daejeon started pressuring Seoul early in the first half, and it paid off in the 32nd minute. The ball came from the back and fell to Masa. After some good ball control, Masa attempted a pass. Thiago didn’t miss and rattled the net with a powerful shot.

Thiago wasn’t done yet. In the 41st minute, Thiago was tripped up by Kim Joo-sung as he tried to receive a cross from Jeon Byung-kwan. After a video assistant referee (VAR) review, the referee awarded a penalty kick. Thiago stepped up to take the penalty kick he had earned and finished with aplomb.

Daejeon took the lead thanks to Thiago’s multi-goal performance. Despite giving up a goal to Willian in the last minute of the first half, the score was 2-1 at halftime. The second half came down to the wire. Bae Joon-ho scored in the 41st minute of the second half, but Han Seung-kyu pulled one back. After Kang Yoon-sung scored again, Seoul closed the gap with a goal from Ilyuchenko. But that was it. There wasn’t much time left, and Daejeon held on for a thrilling one-point victory.

Thiago stepped up when the team needed him. Before this game, Thiago had scored seven league goals. After scoring 19 goals in the K League 2 last season, Thiago joined Daejeon this year and made an immediate impact from the opening whistle.

Thiago hasn’t scored since the end of June against Jeju. He was doing his job with a lot of frontline activity and aggressive post play, but with the arrival of rival Gutek, he needed to prove himself with a goal, and he did just that with a multi-goal performance against Seoul. With his eighth and ninth goals of the league, Thiago reignited the race for the top scorer, catching up to In-joo Gyu, Bako, and Na Sang-ho, who are all leading the league with 11 goals.

Head coach Lee Min-sung said at the post-match press conference, “Of course, it’s good to hear a goal from a striker. I hope he continues to score goals in the future. We need to create a lot of chances. I don’t think we’ve created many chances for Thiago so far. I hope to see more from him in the future.”

‘Lee Kang-In X Mbappe’ PSG dream combination gets green light “Return to first-team training→contract extension discussions→confirmed to stay”

Kylian Mbappe’s chances of staying at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have increased. The South Korean international is expected to link up with Lee Kang-in on the pitch.

Global media outlet ‘ESPN’ reported on Thursday (June 14), “Sources said Mbappe has been discussing a contract extension with PSG and the club is now confident he will stay. He returned to the first team after missing the Asian preseason tour and the opening game against Lorient,” ESPN reported.

“PSG had placed Mbappe on the transfer list to listen to offers after he refused to renew his contract. Last Saturday, Mbappe said he had positive talks with PSG and promised not to leave on a free transfer after his contract expires next summer,” indicating a possible stay at PSG.

PSG was acquired by Qatar Sports Invest (QSI) in 2011. Since then, the team has brought in some of the best players in the world, including through oil money. The best is the ‘MNM line’. Neymar broke the world record for the most expensive player in history, earning €222 million (approximately $323.7 billion). Mbappe left AS Monaco for €180 million (KRW 262.4 billion). Lionel Messi was signed as a free agent, but for an astronomical fee.

The goal was very clear. Win the UEFA Champions League (UCL), one of soccer’s most prestigious competitions. PSG was going to do it with the “MNM line” of Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar. It was a game-changing combination, but all their efforts came to naught. PSG was knocked out in the round of 16 for the second consecutive season by Real in 2021-22 (2-3 loss on aggregate) and Bayern Munich in 2022-23 (0-3 loss on aggregate).

Eventually, the “MNM line” disintegrated. First, Messi’s unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia led to a falling out. Despite a public apology, the controversy didn’t go away. There were even boos for Messi at the Parc des Princes. Eventually, Messi left Paris without a contract extension.

Messi narrowed down his options to two destinations. Saudi Arabia, with its astronomical money, and his hometown team Barcelona, where he could have a last dance in Europe.

The money was the main attraction for the Saudis. As he approaches the point of hanging up his cleats and retiring, he’ll be able to accumulate wealth from his huge salary. Barcelona, on the other hand, had the advantage of continuing to compete at the highest level. Messi was known to want to play in Europe until the 2024 Copa America, so a return to his hometown team was a possibility.

But the choice was unexpected. He chose Miami, a city that had been mentioned in the past. While not as lucrative as Saudi Arabia, the salary is astronomical and the infrastructure is optimal. Messi is set to earn up to $60 million in base salary alone in Miami, and he’s been taking the Americas by storm since his move, putting in a stellar performance in every game.

Neymar is on the verge of leaving the Parc des Princes. Offers have come in from Saudi Arabia, which has been lusting after the superstar with oil money. “PSG are eager to part ways with Neymar,” reports CBS Sports. The Saudis are ready to make a huge offer for Neymar. The decision hinges on whether Neymar wants to end his career at the highest level.”

“The Al Hilal leadership plans to travel to Paris, France, to confirm the signing of Neymar. The personal terms are expected to be similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s €200 million annual salary. Al-Hilal is also willing to pay a transfer fee of €45 million for Neymar, but has not yet held talks with PSG.”

The Saudis have been scooping up superstars from around the world lately. Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo Brozovic (Al Nasr), Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante (Al Ittihad), Leo Neves, Kalidou Koulibaly, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Al Hilal), Edouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Riyad Mahrez, and Alain Saint-Maximin (Al Ahli). Despite being approached by state-funded Al Hilal, Neymar was determined to stay at PSG.

However, there have been speculations about his departure ahead of the start of the season. “Neymar did not attend PSG training and was not invited to the media day for the official photo shoot,” said Fabrice Hawkins of France’s RMC Sport. Coach Enrique and president Luis Campos have informed Neymar that he is not part of their plans.” Later, it was reported that Al Hilal had approached the player again and was pushing for a deal. It was even rumored that a two-year deal had already been agreed.

Mbappe is the worst-case scenario. Transfer market insider Fabrizio Romano took to social media to shed light on the conflict between Mbappe and PSG. “The situation is very tense and the club is furious,” Romano said, adding that he was “surprised by the timing of the (rejection letter),” that “PSG has a contingency plan in case Mbappe leaves,” that “there is no chance of him leaving for free,” and that “the (rejection) leak was not expected because (contract) negotiations were ongoing.”

Mbappe has been linked with a move to Real, his dream club. He responded to the latest controversy by saying, “I did not ask to leave PSG or join Real. I only said that I would not exercise the option to extend my contract until June 2025,” he retorted. “I’m happy to stay here next season,” he added, meaning that he will honor his contract with PSG until 2024, and not extend it.

For PSG, the risk of giving Mbappe away for free. Instead of extending his contract, they are preparing to release him in a hurry. According to Euro Sport, PSG are looking for “at least £160 million” for Mbappe and are expecting bids from Europe’s biggest clubs. The situation is complicated by the fact that Mbappe wants an astronomical €240 million salary from whichever club he joins this summer. 꽁머니지급

Al Hilal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all been linked with the player. There are even rumors that Mbappe has already reached a secret agreement with Real. In the meantime, Mbappe is still not training with the PSG first team and it has been suggested that he could be out for the entire month of August.

Earlier, ‘ESPN’ reported that “Mbappe will not be involved in the opening game against Lorient. He is in a contract dispute with the club and has not trained with the first team under Luis Enrique. Mbappe could miss all three games against Lorient, Toulouse and Lens in August.” In fact, Mbappe missed the Lorient game and watched from the stands.

Then came the news that Mbappe had returned to the first team after constructive talks with the PSG hierarchy, increasing his chances of staying. It will be interesting to see if he can link up with Lee Kang-in, who was thought to be a long shot.

Why football fans are outraged by the ‘bombing’ jamboree concert

The 25th World Scout Jamboree, which was marred by controversy over its sluggish management and disruption, ended with a closing ceremony and K-pop super live concert on the 11th.

Although the event barely ended after a series of twists and turns, the aftermath of this incident is not light, as it exposed the inherent complacency and desk-based administration of Korean society. And the backward way in which ‘politics and administration’ were blamed for the mistake and ‘sports and pop culture’ were used to clean up the mess leaves an even more bitter aftertaste.

The government and the Jamboree organizing committee had originally planned to hold a K-pop concert and closing ceremony around the campsite, but decided to change the date and location due to safety concerns, including the heat wave. Faced with the sudden change and a lack of space to accommodate the large number of people, the organizers turned to a soccer field as a last resort.

The organizers chose Jeonju World Cup Stadium, which is adjacent to the venue, but due to the impact of Typhoon Kanun, the venue was changed once again to Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul. It was the fans of the K League and soccer who suffered the most from this unpredictable ‘bomb drop’.

Jeonbuk’s FA Cup quarterfinal match against Incheon was canceled on the 9th at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. The final venue was moved to Seoul for a second time, but it was inevitable that the already disrupted schedule would be disrupted. Above all, the unilateral announcement by the government and local governments without prior consultation with Jeonbuk defied common sense. “I can’t believe it,” said Jeonbuk coach Dan Petrescu, a Romanian national. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life,” he said in disbelief and anger.

FC Seoul was not spared from the loss of the Sangam World Cup Stadium. Large-scale stages and seats were set up for K-pop concerts and closing ceremonies, causing damage to the turf. The condition of the turf was a sensitive issue, as it affected the progress of the game and whether players were injured.

Sangam is one of the leading venues in Korean soccer, often hosting A matches, but the national team has been criticized by players for poor turf maintenance. This year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government invested KRW 1 billion to install a new hybrid turf, but the unexpected jamboree wiped out all the hard work.

The government explained that it was careful to set up the stage to minimize damage to the grass. They also promised to restore it as soon as possible after the event so that soccer games could continue. However, soccer fans are not impressed, calling it a “sickening and drugging” event. Many soccer fans are calling for the government to be held accountable for the disruption of the jamboree and for “unilateral sacrifice under the guise of cooperation.

The mobilization of K-pop and idol stars as “relief pitchers” for a failed national event is also seen as backward. The K-pop concert, which was hastily organized and promoted by the so-called “higher powers” to mask the incompetence of the government and local governments, was so far-fetched that it was lucky it didn’t cause an accident.

While the stage was being set up for the K-pop concert, a typhoon was passing over the Korean Peninsula. Experts pointed out that large-scale concerts of 30,000 to 40,000 people require a long preparation period, and sensitive outdoor performances need to be prepared for even more variables. However, the workers on site at the time had to work under tight deadlines and unfavorable weather conditions, risking their safety to set up the stage.

The artists involved in the performance were equally frustrated by the rushed schedule. There was not enough time to prepare a complete stage, and rehearsal conditions were reportedly poor due to the typhoon’s impact, with rain continuing to fall until the day of the performance.

In addition, the government and its officials have come under fire for “forced mobilization” during the recruitment of artists for the K-pop concert, using the guise of voluntary participation. One lawmaker, Sung Il-jong, suggested that BTS, who is serving in the military, be invited to perform at the jamboree concert, which backfired on fans who said, “Why should K-pop stars take over a jamboree that is going nowhere?”

Fortunately, despite the chaotic atmosphere and poor conditions, K-pop artists such as NUJINS, ITZY, The Boys, and I.V. were upbeat and gave their best performances. BTS, who were at the center of the controversy, did not participate, but their agency supported them by providing a free set of photo cards. The concert was successfully completed without any major incidents thanks to the artists’ efforts and the audience’s enthusiastic response. This proved once again that K-pop has been recognized for its competitiveness based on years of experience and know-how on the world stage.

However, the success of the concert is a separate issue from the jamboree itself. The brand image that K-pop has built up over the years, and the dedication and sacrifice of the laborers and artists who struggled on site, have made the worst of a bad situation into a ‘beauty of the species.’ This is by no means an exoneration of all the processes and mistakes that went into the jamboree.

It is difficult to overturn the assessment that the Jamboree was a ‘failed event’ apart from the K-pop concert. It was an event that brought together people from all over the world and was organized after six years of preparation and a huge budget, but it was a mess, with feverish patients, outdated and abnormal facilities, a lack of professional staff from planning to execution, and the absence of a responsible control tower. In the end, some participating countries had to leave early, and the humiliation of becoming a “worldwide international embarrassment” due to poor preparation became a major issue in the media 메이저놀이터.

What is even sadder is that in the process of cleaning up the mess, there is still a cavalier and frivolous perception in the political sphere that sports and popular culture are viewed as subcontractors or expendables for political cleanup in the name of ‘national and international interests’.

In the process, they showed no common sense, no communication, and no respect for the sports and pop culture communities that were forced to make unilateral sacrifices. We should not forget that this pathetic situation can be repeated at any time as long as there is a perception in the political sphere that they can take away soccer stadiums, hold concerts, and mobilize BTS and other artists at any time like a control event.

We’re T1, Genji wins two sets, the match is tied 1-1…the ‘breaking of the seal’ begins for the final.

T1, who entered the playoffs as the fifth-ranked team in the regular season, shaken by the injury absence of star player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, dropped the first set to the mighty Genji but took the second to tie the series 1-1. With the score tied at 1-1, T1 began its final “seal breaking” push for the final.

T1 broke a 1-1 tie with a dominant two-set victory over Genji in the winner-take-all match of the third round of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday.

After a nervous start, T1 took the first dragon stack at around the five-minute mark, and the first messenger as well. T1 stacked objective after objective, and the two teams engaged in small skirmishes, but no kills. Both teams were playing cautiously. 안전놀이터

At around the 9-minute mark, the Genji trio headed to the top lane and picked up the first kill on Zeus, but T1’s ‘Owner’ Moon ‘Hyun-joon’ Moon offset the damage by cutting off ‘Phase’ Kim ‘Soo-hwan’ Kim through the bottom gang. A small skirmish broke out on the bottom and the teams exchanged kills.

T1 took the early lead with a second dragon stack. However, Genji’s strikes were just as fierce. At around the 15 minute mark, Genji picked up a kill on Moon-hyun-jun in front of the messenger. Meanwhile, T1 capitalized by destroying Genji’s mid first turret. T1 managed to build a third dragon stack without much engagement at 17-minutes.

At 20-minutes, T1 managed to get a Baron kill, but gave up two kills in an open engagement. From there, Genji launched a full-scale counterattack. In front of the dragon, they picked up Moon-hyun-jun and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok to extend their kill lead to 8-2. T1 tried to get the fourth soul dragon, but Moon and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok were disconnected, giving the dragon to Genji.

T1 had the early advantage, but ZENZY quickly caught up and balanced the power. The gold gap became similar. At 27-minutes, T1 managed to pick up a fourth Spirit Dragon, then a Baron, and a three-kill sweep in an open hantar engagement. They quickly took the initiative that had been slipping away.

With the momentum in their favor, T1 charged straight into Genji’s lane, destroying the nexus at 29-minutes to level the game at 1-1.

1-run ERA! Back to his old self, the 22-year-old Smile Man is determined to “go for three!”

“I’m getting ready to go out again today. We’ve been trusted, so we have to give back.”

It’s August, the month of the season. The players may be more intense than their manager in tightening their minds.

The Lotte Giants will play the second game of their weekend series against the KIA Tigers at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Aug. 12.

The Giants are coming off a 7-1 victory the day before, their second straight win. However, they are still four games behind the fifth-place Doosan Bears. With a win-loss margin of -4, they have a long way to go.

Choi Jun-yong has been involved in both wins. After pitching a scoreless eighth inning against the Gochuk Kiwoom Heroes on August 10, he pitched a scoreless ninth inning against the Busan KIA on August 11.

In six games in August, he pitched 6⅔ innings with a 1-0 record and a 1.35 ERA. He upped his fastball’s velocity up to 150 mph and his pitches were as balanced as they’ve been all year. He lowered his season ERA to 1.96. It’s been about a year and four months since April last year, when he had nine saves in a month.

“As for my ERA, I’m honestly very lucky these days,” Choi said with a smile before the game.

The day before, Choi had come on in the bottom of the seventh inning with Kia down by one run and pitched 1⅓ innings to help his team win. However, Choi gave up a walk to the first batter he faced after throwing six consecutive changeups, and Kim Do-young singled to load the bases.

Park Chan-ho grounded out to first base to end the game, but it was a big play by first baseman Jung Hoon. Jung made a diving catch and then threw back the other way to touch first base. Choi Jun-yong was seen asking him to concentrate, saying, “Quickly cover first base.

“(Son) Sung-bin said, ‘What do you want to throw?’ I said, ‘Changeup. I thought, ‘Won-joon Choi has a good fastball, I’m on the mound, and everyone is going to go for the fastball,’ so I got the first strike with the changeup, but then the game got a little too long and I gave up a walk.”

But in the eighth inning, he found his form. With a 150-kilometer fastball, he turned KIA’s center fielder Na Sung-beom and Choi Hyung-woo into a triple play. Choi said, “I spent a lot of time with Coach Kim Hyun-wook and got my pitching form down. Also, my seniors told me a lot of good things, which gave me confidence,” he emphasized.

“I shadow pitch every day and pay attention to my center movement. I’ve tried lowering my arm and slowly extending my extension, but in the end, the key to my delivery is my center of gravity and the timing of my effort. The extension itself is still the same at over 2 meters, but the pitching form itself has gotten a little faster, and I’m focusing on keeping it behind me instead of rushing to throw it. The point is to utilize the vertical movement, which is my strength.” 꽁머니사이트

After the game, Lotte manager Larry Sutton said, “Jun-yong Choi’s multi-inning performance saved the day. We won the game as a one-run team.” “Actually, I was a little shaky in the first inning, so I wanted to pitch one more inning, but I’m glad they asked me to pitch more. I’m ready to pitch again today,” he said.

Depending on the game situation, he could pitch three consecutive games. Choi Jun-yong said, “It’s an important time. I told them to leave me in charge because I can pitch. I’ll do a better job in the second half of the game,” he said.

‘No-hitter in 4 innings, then hit by a hard pitch’ Ryu Hyun-jin to start against Cubs on Thursday…looking for first win of season

The “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays) is set to make his third start of the season after shaking off injury concerns.

According to, the official website of Major League Baseball, Hyun-jin Ryu is scheduled to start the game between the Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays at 2:37 p.m. ET on April 14 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 메이저사이트

Ryu ran into trouble in his second start of the season on April 8 against the Cleveland Indians. With two outs in the fourth inning, Ryu was hit in the leg by a 97.7 mph (157.2 km/h) fastball from Oscar Gonzalez. After fighting through the pain and getting the third out, Ryu fell to the ground and was unable to get up for a while in excruciating pain.

In the end, Ryu had to leave the game after pitching a no-hitter with four innings of one-hit ball, striking out two and walking none. After the game, he underwent a post-game X-ray, which fortunately revealed a knee contusion.

“Toronto manager John Schneider said the swelling in Ryu’s leg has gone down,” Sportsnet Canada reported. “The veteran left-hander will throw a bullpen session on Dec. 12 and then start on Dec. 14 if all goes well,” the media outlet said.

A year after undergoing elbow surgery last year, Ryu took a loss against the Baltimore Orioles on April 2, giving up four runs in five innings. Ryu will be looking to pick up his first win in his third start of the season after an unfortunate injury in Cleveland.

Chelsea ready to make another bid for ‘£180m’ Kayseredo → ‘Lee’s colleague’ veteran MF Plan B

Chelsea are considering a further bid for Moises Kaysedo, but have turned to Paris Saint-Germain’s veteran midfielder as an alternative.

“Liverpool have agreed a Premier League record fee of £110 million ($184 million) with Brighton for Caido,” global sports outlet The Athletic reported on Wednesday.

Despite his young age, Kaysedo has developed into a key player for Brighton in the Premier League. He has been a big part of the Seagulls’ surge in the Premier League. His work-rate and defensive prowess in the center of midfield attracted interest from the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool in the winter transfer window.

Chelsea were one of the favorites to sign him this summer. However, they struggled to negotiate a transfer fee. As some British media outlets reported, “Chelsea are leading the chase for Caicedo, but are struggling to negotiate with Brighton. Brighton value him at £120 million ($194.6 million). It is unlikely that Chelsea will pay that much for Caido, but they will have to pay at least £80 million ($129.6 million),” the report said, adding that there have been disagreements over the transfer fee between Brighton and Chelsea.

Brighton made a public bid for Caicedo in an attempt to avoid protracted negotiations, and it appears that Chelsea have since been pushed out as Liverpool have outbid them.

The Sun reports, “Brighton opened a bid for Caicedo on Thursday, with Liverpool the highest bidder, beating Chelsea. Chelsea’s offer was valued at £100 million ($168.2 million),” the report said, adding that Chelsea were outbid by Liverpool for Caido.

“There is no personal agreement yet, but we expect there to be a process on Friday, which will include a medical test plan,” he said, explaining that the only thing that remains is a personal agreement between Cisse and Liverpool.

However, Chelsea hasn’t given up on signing Caicedo just yet.

“Chelsea are ready to increase their offer for Caido after Liverpool agreed a deal with Brighton,” says the Guardian, “Chelsea are believed to be ready to bid more than £110m. The situation is unpredictable. We don’t know if Chelsea are too late, but it is known that Kaysedo prefers to move to Chelsea,” he said, explaining that they will make an additional bid because of Kaysedo’s preference.

It is believed that Kaysedo has not yet reached a personal agreement with Liverpool, despite the agreement between Liverpool and Brighton. The Reds are reportedly pushing for a medical and a meeting with the manager in an effort to get him on board quickly.

Until the Reds are fully convinced, Chelsea could have a chance if they increase their bid.

However, it’s not as if Chelsea aren’t considering a Plan B in case they fail to land the player.

“Chelsea have PSG’s superstar as Plan B,” the Sun reported on November 11.

“Chelsea are considering a Plan B after being robbed of Khedira by Liverpool. They had three bids for the player rejected. They made a fourth offer, but Liverpool, who wanted to replace Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, outbid Chelsea by more than £10 million ($16.8 billion).” The Sun reported on the bidding process for Kaysedo.

“According to reports in France, Pochettino has set his sights on a new midfield target. PSG midfielder Marco Verratti was recently told by the club to find a new team. Now, he is set to leave PSG and has recently received an offer from Saudi Arabia,” explaining that the club is targeting Verratti, who is expected to leave PSG.

According to French outlet RMC Sport, Verratti was recently informed that he was out of PSG’s plans alongside Neymar and Juan Bernat, leaving him to prepare for a move ahead of next season. Chelsea are keen to capitalize on this situation, with Doucoure adding that “Verratti wants to stay in Europe” and could be positive about a move to the Blues. 토토사이트

In addition to Chelsea, Atletico Madrid are also interested in Verratti, so Chelsea will have to act quickly to secure his signature.

In addition to Verratti, the Blues are also working on other midfield options. They are already close to signing U.S. national team captain Tyler Adams and are also looking to sign Southampton midfielder Romeo Rabia, who was relegated after the 2022/23 season.

With Chelsea’s top priority in midfield now in jeopardy following Liverpool’s surprise move for Caido, it will be interesting to see if Caido’s arrival is followed by the signing of Verratti to bolster the midfield next season.

Injury-returning Kim upsets Vajidan to take sole possession of second place on first day of playoffs

Kim Joo-hyung battled back from a bad start to sit in a tie for second place on the first day of the 2022-23 Playoffs (PO) on the United States Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

Kim carded seven birdies and a bogey in the first round of the FedEx St. Jude Championship ($20 million purse) at TPC Southwind (Par 70) in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, on Monday (Nov. 11), shooting a 6-under 64.

That puts him in sole possession of second place, one shot behind leader Jordan Spieth (USA) at 7-under 63. The tournament, which is the first round of the FedExCup Playoffs, is open only to players ranked in the top 70 on the FedExCup Ranking.

Kim injured his ankle during last month’s Open and played with the injury on the final day of the Open. He missed the Wyndham Championship earlier this month as the defending champion after finishing runner-up in the Open.

Kim qualified for the first round of the playoff at No. 14 in the FedExCup standings. He started on the 10th hole (par-4) and was four strokes off the pace in the first half. In the second half, he recorded three consecutive birdies on holes 2-4.

After the first round, Kim said, “I played stress-free throughout the match. I got off to a good start,” he said, “I worked hard on my rehabilitation. It was a bit boring to be honest,” he said of his ankle. “As soon as I got back from England (after The Open), I had an MRI and was told that I had to be careful with my ankle. It was really hard when I was told I wouldn’t be able to play for a while.” 꽁머니

After about two weeks of rehabilitation, he said: “Coming out of rehab and coming to a match, it feels like a new season. It’s good to play well in my first round back.”

Kim Joo-hyung turned heads in this round by playing with the hem of his pants rolled up. Returning from an ankle injury, he played with his ankle exposed. “I try to walk on as flat a surface as possible. I don’t want to think about my ankle. It will take a few more weeks for it to heal completely. I’ll be careful and monitor my condition for the time being.”

‘Ah, 7 consecutive winning series’… Park Byung-ho MRI examination→Injury severe, tactile ‘commander worried’ over examination results

KT Wiz, the hottest team in recent memory, is about to be put on the brakes. Injuries to key batters seem to have taken their toll.

After languishing at the bottom of the standings at the start of the season, with a win-loss margin of -14, KT went on a meteoric rise in June. They went 33-15 with a winning percentage of 0.688 and climbed up the standings.

July was just as good. They swept their way to 13 wins in 19 games to climb to fifth place, and then swept their way up to third place with a winning series against Hanwha on the 8th and 9th, bringing their win-loss margin to +7. This is the seventh consecutive winning series.

The problem is the next game. Park Byung-ho and Alford were injured in the 9th game. It was a red flag for the offense.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, down 1-5, Byung-ho Park hit a double down the first base line. He felt pain in his calf as he made the contact.

He didn’t go down immediately. While Jang Sung-woo struck out swinging, Hanwha catcher Choi Jae-hoon dropped the ball behind him. This allowed Hwang Jae-gyun, the third baseman, to score, and Park Byung-ho to advance to third.

Park Byung-ho then signaled for a substitution. He was replaced by pinch-hitter Moon Sang-chul.

“I think I felt something in my calf while batting,” said Lee Kang-cheol, who met with Park after the game was canceled due to rain on Tuesday, “I hope it’s not a big injury. He’s been hitting well lately,” Lee said, adding, “I’m worried.

According to KT officials, Park Byung-ho traveled to Seoul today for an MRI examination.

Alford is also not doing well. He was injured in the following situation. After Jang Sung-woo singled with one out, Alford stepped to the plate and was hit by a hard fastball from Hanwha starter Felix Peña. He winced in pain for a moment, but walked to first base. 안전놀이터

Alford then advanced to third on grounders by Kim Sang-soo and Oh Yun-seok, but as he tried to round home on a double steal, he bumped into Choi Jae-hoon’s knee and injured his left wrist. A video review overturned the out, but Alford was replaced on defense in the top of the fifth inning.

“We’ll have to see how he is tomorrow,” Lee said.

Unlike Park Byung-ho, Alford did not undergo a medical examination. It doesn’t appear to be a major injury.

DePlus Kia and DRX to face off in the loser’s bracket of the Rold Cup selection tournament

After wrapping up the LCK Summer schedule, DePlus Kia will face DRX in the loser’s bracket of the Rold Cup Regional Qualifier.

The team lost to T1 3-1 in the first round of the 2023 LCK Summer Split playoffs at the Grand Seoul Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Monday afternoon. With the loss, the team was eliminated from the LCK Summer Split.

With the loss, the team will start in the loser’s bracket of the League of Legends World Championship (Rold Cup) qualifiers, which are scheduled to begin on May 25. DePlus Kia will face RDX in the Loser’s Bracket of the Rold Cup. They are at a disadvantage, needing to win the loser’s bracket to have a chance to play the loser of the winner’s bracket in the second round for the fourth seed in the Rold Cup. 먹튀검증

With the win, T1, along with Hanwha Life Esports, secured at least a winner’s bracket ticket to the Rold Cup.

Meanwhile, in the LCK Rolld Cup Championship points, Genji Esports leads with 140 points, while KT Rolster is in second place with 100 points.