1.4 billion Oh Seung-hwan is a C, 100 million Ham Deok-joo is a B. 37-year-old Jeon Jun-woo is a B. FA ratings you may not know

The free agency market, also known as the “War of the Stars,” is about to begin. The KBO announced the list of players eligible for free agency in 2024 on Friday, and while we were curious about the grades, as the compensation rules vary depending on the grade, some of the players received grades that left fans scratching their heads.

Of the 34 players who are eligible for free agency this year, there are eight players in Grade A, including Joo Kwon (KT), Shim Chang-min (NC), Hong Gun-hee and Yang Seok-hwan (Doosan), and 14 players in Grade B, including Lim Chan-gyu, Ham Deok-ju, Kim Min-sung, Seo Geon-chang (LG), Ahn Chi-hong, Jeon Jun-woo (Lotte), Kim Jae-yoon (KT), Kim Sun-bin (KIA) and Lee Ji-young (Kiwoom), In C, there are 12: Kim Min-sik (SSG), Ko Jong-wook (KIA), Shin Jeong-rak (Lotte), Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Dae-woo, Kang Kang-ul, Kim Heon-gon (Samsung), Jang Min-jae (Hanwha), and Lee Yong-gyu (Kiwoom).

The biggest surprise was LG’s Ham Deok-ju. After being categorized as a C all season, Ham Deok-ju was announced as a B, which surprised fans and clubs alike. Ham Deok-ju’s salary this season was only 100 million won, so it was expected that he would be a C-grade player. However, the free agent classification is not based on the current year’s salary, but on the average salary and option amount over three years. Ham Deok-ju received 100 million won this year, 120 million won last year, and 165 million won in 2021, for a total of 385 million won in salary over three years. Although his average annual salary was not high, around 128.33 million won, he became a B-grade player (4th to 10th in the team, 31st to 60th overall) instead of a C-grade player (11th or lower in the team, 61st or lower overall).

It was surprising that Oh Seung-hwan, who had been playing overseas and earned 1.4 billion won in salary this year after returning to Korea, was granted FA status as a C-rated player. In fact, this was the first time Oh Seung-hwan qualified as a free agent in Korea. He had gone abroad as a free agent, not as a free agent, but as a free agent, so this time he became a free agent for the first time and became a grade C regardless of his salary because he was over 35 years old.

In the case of Jeon Jun-woo, who is 37 years old, many people thought he was a C-grade player. But it turned out to be a B-grade. The age limit of 35 is for first-time free agents. Jun-woo already exercised his first free agency four years ago, so this is his second. The compensation rules for a second FA are the same as for a B-grade. If he was a Grade C in his first FA, he will be a Grade C in his second FA. Jun-woo Jeon was a grade A in his first FA, so he is a grade B this time.

Of the 34 players, seven have already signed non-free agent multi-year contracts, including Oh Ji-hwan (LG), Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, Hanyusum (SSG), Kim Tae-gun (KIA), Park Se-woong (Lotte) and Koo Ja-uk (Samsung).

The original clubs can receive compensation players and compensation money from the FA-acquired clubs depending on their classification. Grade A clubs can receive 20 protected players and one compensated player and 200% of the previous year’s salary, or 300% of the previous year’s salary without a compensated player, while Grade B clubs can receive 25 protected players and one compensated player and 100% of the previous year’s salary, or 200% of the previous year’s salary without a compensated player. Class C is eligible for 150% of the previous year’s salary with no compensatory players.카지노사이트