‘1% Miracle Realized’ Samsung Fire Names First and Fourth Overall… Lee Yoon-soo

Kyungpook National University’s Lee Yoon-soo (22) will wear a Samsung Fire jersey as the No. 1 overall pick.

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) held the 2023-2024 KOVO Men’s Rookie Draft at the Mayfield Hotel in Oebalsan-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul on March 30.

The draft order for each club was determined through a lottery system. The odds were assigned in the reverse order of the regular league standings from the 2022-2023 season, with Samsung Fire taking 35%, KB Insurance 30%, OK Financial Group 20%, Woori Card 8%, KEPCO 4%, Hyundai Capital 2%, and Korean Air 1%.

As expected, Samsung Fire, which had the highest probability of winning, took the first overall nomination. However, there was an upset after that. Woori Card, which had an 8% chance of winning the second spot, took the third spot, followed by OK Financial Group, which had a 20% chance. The biggest upset came in the fourth spot. Korean Air, which had a 1% chance of winning, was picked fourth overall, followed by KB Insurance at fifth, KEPCO at sixth, and Hyundai Capital at seventh. 카지노사이트

Samsung Fire selected Kyunggi University outside hitter Lee Yoon-soo with the first overall pick. Second-ranked Woori Card called on Hanyang University outside hitter and middle blocker Kim Hyung-geun, while third-ranked OK Financial Group selected Inha University setter Park Tae-seong.

The fourth overall pick from Korean Air has already been traded to Samsung Fire. Samsung Fire acquired Korean Air’s first-round pick in the 2023-2024 rookie draft by acquiring Son Hyun-jong in a trade with Korean Air and gave up Korean Air’s first-round pick in the 2024-2025 rookie draft in return. Samsung Fire now has the first and fourth overall picks in the first round alone. Samsung Fire selected Kyunggi University middle blocker Yang Soo-hyun with the fourth overall pick.

KB Insurance selected Suseong High outside hitter Yoon Seo-jin with the fifth overall pick, KEPCO selected Myeongji Apogee outside hitter Shin Sung-ho, and Hyundai Capital selected Chungnam University middle blocker Kim Jin-young.

The clubs completed their picks in the second round as well. Woori Card’s second-round pick was exercised by KB Insurance due to a trade, and they selected Sungkyunkwan University middle blocker Jang Harang. The trade involved KB Insurance sending Kim Jae-hwi and Kim Dong-min in exchange for Han Sung-jung and a second-round pick in the 2023-2024 rookie draft.

In the third round, only four players were selected, with Korean Air, KEPCO, and Hyundai Capital giving up their picks. They also didn’t exercise their draft picks. Only Samsung Fire and KB Insurance used their picks.

A total of 42 players (38 from 12 universities, three from three high schools, and one individual applicant from the Busan City Sports Association) participated in the draft, and 20 of them were selected, including two trainees.