Zeus-Owner ‘Graduates’ with T1, BLG in Big Win

Kumayushido, Keriado and Faker also had outstanding performances, but it was Zeus and Ohner who were responsible for the team’s victory in those two sets.

In the fourth round match of the Swiss Stage of the League of Legends World Championship at KBS Arena in Seoul, South Korea, the second-seeded Korea (T1)-China (BLG) team won the battle of pride and advanced to the quarterfinals.

  • Banpik

On the blueside, BLG picked Bin (Jax)-Shun (Lisin)-Yagao (Shindra)-Elk (Jaya)-On (Alistar), banning Renata-Azir-Rumble-Kaitlyn-Kaisa.

T1 picks Zeus (Gragas)-Owner (Jarvan)-Faker (Oriana)-Kumayushi (Jinx)-Keria (Tam Kenchi) and bans Maokai-Lakhan-Niko-Blitzcrank-Sejuani.

With T1 picking a counter champion in the top lane, BLG was forced to actively target the mid-bottom with Crying Mustard. A turn on the top would break the jinx.

  • The play

Four minutes into the game, Faker (Oriana) went down. During a deal exchange between the mid laners, Shun (Bai) was able to take out Faker by utilizing an emergence and blink near the blade beak on T1.

In the fifth and seventh minutes, Zeus (Gragas) picked up solo kills on Bean (Jax) and Faker fell to another gank from Shun, giving the team an early lead.

However, the owner turned the game around. First finishing off an attempted dragon, then taking both of Elk’s (Jaya) kills, and then splitting the middle of the opposition’s lane with his spear, Ohner gave T1’s players a deal. 짱구카지노 주소

From there, T1 took control of the map by cutting off On in the mid lane, especially in the 18th minute, when Keria was able to keep the owner alive while On was tied up in the secondary mid lane of BLG.

In the 20th minute, Zeus’ ultimate split BLG’s front and rear lanes, followed by Kumayushi’s (Jinx) ultimate on the low-health Elk (Jaya), and then On (Alistar), who tried to interfere, for two kills with no casualties. With Baron Steel a concern, T1 focused on line pushing instead of Baron.

The mid lane engagement continued, with both teams exchanging skills and summoner spells. Faker and On exchanged blinks, Yagao’s ultimate and Keria’s ultimate, etc.

However, in the 26th minute, On made his ‘On Action’. In the midst of a vision control, Jaya suddenly pounced on the owner (Zarvan) from some distance, killing him. This gave T1 the Baron, who also took down the responding Yagao (Sindra).

The rest was history. In the fight for the Wind Dragon’s soul, and in the ensuing siege from the top lane, T1 continued to crush their opponents. Continuing to push the top lane, T1 was able to take down BLG and win the game outright.