Tomorrow, Shim Yoo-chan, the youngest member of Baseball King, will appear at Park Chan-ho Baseball Camp

The Park Chan-ho Youth Baseball Camp brings together youths who are serious about baseball.

The camp, which runs for two days and one night from the 28th, has a very familiar face. This is Shim Yoo-chan (12), who appeared on Channel A’s “Tomorrow’s Baseball King” as a fourth grader two years ago. Two years ago, he was the youngest member of the “Icons Team” who was introduced on the program as a “young, but highly motivated prospect from a military family.” Now, as a sixth grader, he applied for and was accepted to the Park Chan-ho Youth Camp. 스포츠토토

“I didn’t think anyone would recognize me, but thank you for remembering me!”

Although the program “Tomorrow’s Baseball King” has ended, Shim Yoo-chan, who met Park Chan-ho in an unexpected place at a time when he was wondering if the prospects who caught his eye at the time were still pursuing their baseball dreams, first thanked him. “At the time of the broadcast, baseball wasn’t going well. But now, I really enjoy playing baseball and am doing well. I hope I can get something out of this camp,” he said.

He was also curious about how the other members were doing now that they were reunited. “At least all of our classmates are continuing to pursue their baseball dreams,” said Shim Yoo-chan, sharing the good news. In addition to Shim Yoo-chan, the fourth graders were Kim Tae-yul, Park Do-yoon, and Hwang Ji-woo. Among them, Kim Tae-yul is said to be the best at baseball. However, he doesn’t want to lose either.

From next year, he will continue playing baseball at Deoksu Middle School. Deoksu Middle School has a reputation for being one of the most demanding baseball teams in middle school. “I chose Deoksoo Middle School on purpose because I knew it would be hard,” he says proudly.

Sim Yoo-chan is still pursuing his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. His rival and friend, Kim Tae-yul, chose Sangincheon Middle School. “If we meet again, I want to play a good game,” he said, remaining confident until the end.

Kim Hye-sung (Kiwoom), a former student of Park Chan-ho’s youth camp, also attended the event as a one-day coach. Like Kim Hye-sung, it remains to be seen whether Shim Yoo-chan will become a professional baseball player with bigger dreams due to his broadcast appearances and camp.