KOVO Disciplines 3 Referees, Experts, and Others for Misreading Video Judgments

Three referees and an expert committee member who made incorrect calls in the men’s professional volleyball match between KB Insurance and OK Financial Group have been suspended from assigning matches.

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) announced on the 25th that referee Lee Kwang-hoon and match commissioner Seo Nam-won were suspended for two matches each, and assistant referee Song In-seok was suspended for one match. 짱구카지노 도메인

“We made a post-match review and found a misreading, which led to the disciplinary action,” a federation official said.

The incorrect call was made in a match between KB Insurance and OK Financial Group on April 24. OK Financial Group requested a video review after an over net call against setter Kwak Myung-woo at 12-9 in the fifth set.

After reviewing the video, the referee and expert committee overturned the call.

KB Insurance head coach Hoo In-jung protested again that it was an overnet, but it was not accepted. KB Insurance lost the fifth set 11-15.

The federation confirmed that it was an overnet during the post-match review and disciplined the players involved.