“Bayern Munich’s No. 1 is now Kim Min-jae!”…Insurance against Galatasaray attack, Turkiye’s tribute to ‘the enemy’

Turkkiye are keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich).

Kim Min-jae played for Fenerbahçe in the 2021-22 season. He played 31 league games and 40 matches in all competitions, scoring one goal.

After a successful season with Fenerbahçe, Kim moved to the Italian Serie A side Napoli. And the Kim Min-jae myth began. Upon arrival, Kim emerged as a key defender and played a key role in helping Napoli win their first league title in 33 years. He was also named Serie A’s best defender.

He was then snapped up by one of Europe’s biggest clubs, Bayern Munich. Since then, he has been a regular starter for one of the most powerful teams in the world. 굿모닝토토 주소

Bayern Munich will play the third leg of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group A on May 25. Their opponent is Galatasaray, another of Turkiye’s favorites. That’s why the club has its eye on Kim Min-jae.

Kim has become one of the best defenders in the world, and he’ll be playing against his old club, which is why the club is so interested in him. Bayern Munich are at the top of the group after two consecutive wins, while Galatasaray are second with a 1-1 draw. Kim Min-jae will be on the pitch to help Turkiye take on the clubs that represent them and stop their offense.

At this point, Kim Min-jae is clearly the enemy. They need to get past him to win. However, despite being the enemy, the Turkiye media is praising Kim Min-jae. Before the match against Galatasaray, Turkiye’s pride in the world’s best defender came first.    

“Bayern Munich’s No. 1 is Kim Min-jae,” Turkiye’s Milliyet wrote before the match against Galatasaray.

“Before the match against Galatasaray, Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae’s name stood out. It’s a name that fits Bayern Munich well. In the last game against Mainz, he attempted 102 passes with a 100% accuracy rate. That’s an incredible record.”

“Kim Min-jae is currently Bayern Munich’s best player. Despite being away with the South Korean national team, he worked tirelessly against Galatasaray. He is an insurance policy for Bayern Munich’s defense.”