Kwon Soon-woo apologizes for ‘unmannerly controversy’ “I sincerely regret and reflect, and will think deeply about the weight of ‘Taeguk-mark’ as a national team member”

Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall) has apologized for his ‘bad manners’ controversy.

Kwon lost 1-2 (3-6 7-5 4-6) to Kassidit Samrej (636th-ranked Thailand) in the second round of the men’s singles competition at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Hangzhou Olympic and Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on Friday (July 25). Kwon Soon-woo, who came through the first round in straight sets, dropped to his knees in the first game of his singles match.

Furthermore, he smashed his racket in anger after losing to Samrez. Not only did he slam it once or twice, but he also hit a bench chair several times. After shaking hands with the umpire, Samrez approached Kwon to shake his hand, but Kwon ignored him. Later, as Kwon Soon-woo was leaving the stadium, he turned toward Samrez and did not shake his hand.

This was covered by foreign media and spread like wildfire. On the date of the controversy, the Korea Tennis Association said, “I went to the training center of the Thai team and apologized to the opponent and told him to play well. The opponent also said it was okay, and they resolved it well.” 무지개토토

However, the controversy didn’t die down, and Kwon wrote a personal apology, saying, “Immediately after the game, I acted in a disrespectful manner that I should not have done as a national player. I sincerely apologize to all the people who support the national team and the spectators at the stadium. “I would also like to express my sincere apologies to Mr. Samrez, who may have been offended by my disrespectful behavior. I am sincerely remorseful and reflective. As a national athlete representing my country, I will deeply consider the weight of the Korean flag and reflect on my actions to become a responsible athlete.”