Yeom Kyung-yup + Go Woo-seok + Lee Ji-gang… Shin Min-jae Lake rain saved several lives

It’s the ninth inning. The score is 4-3. The away team, only one point ahead, has a sting in its back. Things are already looking bad. One out later, we can’t stop Oh Sun-woo, number nine. He walks. Choi Jung-yong, a quick runner, is replaced at first base. It looks like he’s in trouble. (Gwangju, KIA-LG, Nov. 19)

Next up is Choi Won-joon in the first inning. He already has two hits. We can’t let the count get away from us. He needs strikes. Chogoo puts a fastball (154 km/h) in the zone, but he’s looking for it. The bat comes up at the right time. A powerful barrel hit goes through the side of the first baseman.

It’s a single to right field. The runner on first is good enough to advance to third. First and third. An outfield fly or infield grounder is fine. Anything can change the score. It’s now a game of unknowns. Champions Field is heating up.

The away team’s bench is bustling. The pitching coach is rushed to the mound. The pitching coach is rushed to the mound. The catcher has his work cut out for him. He has to sign his defense. If there’s a runner on first base, where he’ll throw the ball. He also announces the setup to the fielders in advance.

It’s a fateful at-bat. No. 2 Kim Do-young comes in with a fierce look on his face. He swings at the first pitch. And it’s the second ball. A quicker ball inside off (153 km/h), he makes simple contact. Not a bad shot. One boundary, well over the pitcher’s height. It’s a hit. The crowd roars in anticipation.

But whoops. There’s someone in the way. It’s the second baseman. He snatches the ball from behind the plate. And the fancy steps begin. He steals second, jumps, and shoots to first. Two outs at once. It’s a game-ending play.

Normally, the ball would have gone to center field. But it was a defensive play. It was a shift to prepare for a stolen base and a double play. The second baseman had taken a few steps toward the base and was in position. This allowed the play to go through without incident.

Of course, positioning isn’t everything. If you falter a little bit, you can make a mistake. Saving one man can cost you the game. Agile but solid movements, fast and accurate deliveries. It’s a near-perfect one-man show.

Suddenly, sighs of despair fill the home team’s stands. Conversely, the away dugout erupts in giddy cheers. But there is another person who is the center of the biggest action. It’s head coach Yeom Kyung-yup. He pumps his fists in the air. He lets out a loud cheer. It looks like a victory pose. 카지노사이트

Why not? He brings in the closer in the eighth inning. You give him six outs to preserve the lead. It’s an extreme prescription that seems unreasonable at first glance. If it had failed, the aftermath would have been devastating. He would have faced a lot of criticism. It was the defense that saved the day.

Of course, our own Ko Woo-seok was also relieved. He’s been in the spotlight lately. It’s because of a few bad performances. There are quite a few fans who resent him. He’s not performing well, so there’s a lot of gossip. The slider is bad, the name is bad, and I’m getting a lot of crap. If I had blown this win, I’d have been upset for a while. …. It would have kept me up at night for a while.

But there’s a big beneficiary. It’s starting pitcher Lee Ji-gang. A 2019 draft pick (9th round). His motivation for joining the team is strong. Lee Jung-yong, Jung Woo-young, and Moon Bo-kyung. They’ve established themselves in the first team and reached stardom.

Compared to them, it’s a bit late. First, he solved the military problem. He served as an assistant instructor in the Recruit Training Corps (15th Division). He returned from the military last season. His position is in the bullpen. He was mainly a reliever, so he didn’t have much of a personal record. This season, he was given the opportunity to start occasionally.

That’s how he got his first win in this game. And it was against one of the toughest teams in baseball, the Tigers. It was his first win in five years and 22 games. If it wasn’t for Shin Min-jae’s defense, it would have been a precious win that could have gone unnoticed.

Moon Bo-kyung reacted the most intensely after the game. She ran to Shin Min-jae, hugged him, stroked his hair, and was overjoyed. Perhaps he was thanking his teammate for securing his first win. A bases-loaded home run, a winning pitch, and a killer defense at the end. It was a glimpse of the young blood that would carry the Twins in the future.