but… Huge LCK love from China “Korea is strong… Faker, I’m here to see Keria”

The Korean team may have defeated China, but the popularity of LCK players among the Chinese has skyrocketed.

The South Korean League of Legends (LOL) team, led by head coach Kim Jung-gyun (55), will face Chinese Taipei in the LOL final of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Hangzhou Esports Center in Gongsu District, Hangzhou, China, on Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

Kim “KimJungKyunHo” Jung’s Korean team is just one step away from gold. They got over the hump by defeating hosts China in the quarterfinals.

On the 28th, South Korea punched their ticket to the long-awaited final with a 2-0 victory over China in the semifinals thanks to the sensational play of Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk and Chobi “Chobi” Jeong-hoon.

After starting Chobi in the quarterfinals against Saudi Arabia the previous day, South Korea entrusted him with the key role of starting midfielder in the semifinals against China.

스포츠토토 The result was a 2-0 victory for South Korea. The South Koreans swept aside their biggest rivals, China, without dropping a set.

The final will take place shortly afterward at 8 p.m. on the 29th. Two hours before the match, the esports center was packed with Chinese fans. Even though China was eliminated, LCK fans were there to cheer on the likes of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, and Jung “Chobi” Jeong-hoon.

In fact, they came to the stadium wearing jerseys with names like Faker and Zeus on them, and at the entrance to the stadium, they shared photos, merchandise, and more with the fans who came with them. Ryu “Keria” Min-seok and Chobi “Chobi” Jeong-hoon were especially popular with female fans, and Faker Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk was so popular that everyone said they came to see him.

One Chinese fan commented, “China lost to Korea yesterday. Korea played a good game. Korea was really strong,” one Chinese fan said, referring to the power of Kim Jung-kyun-ho.

Of course, not all fans were allowed into the stadium. “They’re out there to get tickets,” explained a female Chinese fan who spoke fluent Korean. When asked if there was a way to get them, he replied, “There’s no way. But they’re out in front of the stadium,” he said, explaining that they had come to the stadium without any way to get tickets.

With ticket prices ranging from 400 yuan to 1,200 yuan ($74,000 to $220,000), they weren’t cheap by any means, but the first-come, first-served tickets went fast enough that they were hard to come by.

Korean fans were also present, and while there weren’t many of them, those who identified themselves as student fans said they were able to get tickets through their school and won them in a raffle.

About an hour before kickoff, some fans showed up “cosplaying” as LoL’s in-game champions, and others took photos with them.

Meanwhile, South Korea, which advanced to the finals with a 2-0 sweep of its fiercest rival, China, will face Chinese Taipei, which it swept without dropping a set in the previous trials. With an objective power differential, Korea is favored to win, but they can’t let their guard down.

Especially after the victory over China, head coach Kim Jung-gyun said, “It’s not over yet, so we have to prepare well until we win the gold medal, until we win the championship. We can’t let our guard down. We have to prepare well,” and reiterated his commitment to thorough preparation.

“Even in the league, there are times when we beat a strong team and then lose in the next league. We will prepare well until the end,” he added.

Jung “Chobi” Jeong-hoon, who started in place of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, also said, “I think we shouldn’t let our guard down. It’s okay that there’s a lot of excitement around us. Still, I’m going to do well without letting my guard down,” he emphasized.

‘Pillar of the National Team’ Park Ji-soo “I want to show good results without excuses”

“We want to show it with good results.”

The South Korean women’s basketball team left the country on Thursday through Incheon International Airport to compete in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. One of the team’s pillars, Park Ji-soo, also boarded the flight to Hangzhou.

Park said, “My physical condition is fine. However, I’ve used up a lot of energy, but I think I’ll be in the best shape if I go and recover and compete. I don’t have any major injuries. I have some back pain that I’ve always had, but I don’t think there will be any problems,” Park explained her current condition.

The team had a somewhat disappointing result at the last Asian Cup.

Park Ji-soo said, “Even though we practiced, I think we were still disappointed. I’m not 100% happy, but it’s definitely better than last time. The players’ physical condition is completely different from then. It was a time when we were on vacation and building our bodies, and now we are in much better shape.”

During the training period, the players also returned to their respective clubs to compete in the Park Shinja Cup. Instead of training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, they trained at the training centers of men’s basketball teams Samsung and SK.

“I didn’t expect the Park Shinjah Cup to be so hard, but the aftermath was huge,” Park said. I had a hard time picking myself back up, but I’m glad I’m feeling better now. It was uncomfortable to train outside. We had a hostel in Dongtan, but I think it was difficult because we had to travel to work in the morning, so the travel time was long, but the preparation wasn’t too bad,” he said.

The team was placed in Group C of the preliminary round. With Thailand, North Korea, and Chinese Taipei in the group, the match against North Korea is in the spotlight. 메이저사이트

Park said, “I’m very excited to meet Roh Sook-young. It will be our first meeting in five years, so I’m curious to see what it will be like. Also, Park Jin-ah, who is 205 centimeters tall, is big, but there are many big players in China. I don’t think there will be any difficulties. I’m confident.”

Finally, Park concluded, “I don’t know what will happen in sports. I don’t think there are any strong or weak players. The players are more alert and nervous. We were disappointed in the last tournament, so we won’t repeat that this time. I don’t want to give any excuses and I want to show it with results.”

‘Heaven helped’ Jung So-eun, ‘I’m not finishing’ Singapore…why?

‘I’m not in the final again~’ Chung So-eun (27, Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall) punched her ticket to the final in the women’s 50-meter butterfly at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Chung will compete in the 50-meter women’s butterfly final in the swimming management event at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 29 at the Hangzhou Olympic Stadium pool.

After initially qualifying 10th overall in her heat (26.98), Chung was unable to top her heat. She failed to qualify for the final.

However, in the 50-meter butterfly, KWAT Ting Wen (SINGAP) and KWAT Jing Wen (SINGAP), who finished seventh through ninth in their heats, were the lucky finalists.

It is not yet known why they chose to forgo the final. 스포츠토토

We can only speculate that they wanted to compete in the “Side-by-Side Final” but were unable to do so, so the older sister, Kwating Wen, withdrew. In any case, thanks to these two, Chung So-eun was able to qualify for the finals as the “Group 1” finalist.

Suwon FC’s resolute response to Lars’ signing at the end of the summer transfer window

Lars Veltvik, who was charged with drunk driving in August, was eventually released from his contract during the summer transfer window. It is unlikely that he will be able to play for any team until the winter transfer window.

Suwon FC announced that it held a second meeting with Lars, who recently came under fire for drunk driving, and terminated his contract on September 30.

Lars, who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol after winning the Suwon derby in August, was immediately suspended from training and matches after the first meeting, and the club decided to hold another meeting after the outcome of the KFA’s punishment committee. 토토사이트

On August 10, the KFA held its 10th punishment committee, and the player was suspended for 15 games and fined 4 million won. However, up until this point, the KFA had delayed disciplining Rath because the transfer market was still underway in overseas leagues, so if they had terminated his contract hastily, he could have easily moved to another team without paying a transfer fee.

However, Lars was only a player on paper at Suwon FC and was already treated as a non-player, including exclusion from team training and exclusion from accompanying the team to team events, so Suwon FC was in the process of parting ways with Lars.

토토사이트 As most of the overseas transfer market, including Europe, was concluded in September, Suwon FC conducted an in-depth legal review of the player’s contract with the KFA and legal counsel, and on September 20, the club held the second squad management committee meeting and voted to terminate the contract with Lars.

The decision was made based on Suwon FC’s principle that socially reprehensible behavior is unacceptable to anyone and should be dealt with firmly, and the club plans to conduct periodic team trainings as a wake-up call to all members of the club.

‘Playing coach’ Yeom Ki-hoon, who took over relegation-threatened Suwon if they stay up, says he’ll “die for the supporters”

Yeom Ki-hoon takes charge of crisis-ridden Suwon Samsung. Now that he is no longer a player but an acting manager, Yeom Ki-hoon has finally opened his mouth.

Suwon officially announced the dismissal of Kim Byung-soo through the media on the 26th, saying, “The club decided that special measures were inevitable to resolve the desperate crisis and rekindle the spark of hope.”

Surprisingly, it was Yeom Ki-hoon who Suwon chose to take extraordinary measures to resolve the desperate crisis, rekindle hope, and prevent relegation. He’s a legend at Suwon. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s the most revered legend in the Suwon organization since its inception in 1996. The former Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai player has been with Suwon since 2010, except for his military service.

He played 333 games for Suwon, scoring 49 goals and 87 assists. He was born in 1983 and is still active at the age of 40. He announced his retirement at the end of last season, but the club asked him to change his mind and he will be working as a playing coach this season. This season, he played in both the K League 1 and the FA Cup. Recently, he hasn’t been on the roster at all and has been working with the coaching staff. He was preparing for his retirement by taking a class P license.

Suddenly, he was given an acting role. It was the return of Real Blue. Real Blue refers to Suwon’s policy of hiring coaches from the club. Suwon appointed one coach after another who knew Suwon better than anyone else. Starting with Seo Won-jeong, Lee Im-sang, Park Gun-ha, and Lee Byung-geun were chosen. After Lee Byung-geun, the team chose Kim Byung-soo instead of Real Blue. They decided to make a change after a string of poor results.

Even if you’re only in charge for seven games, you don’t lead the team alone. You have to have coaches to help you with tactics and training sessions. You have to look at the whole picture with the coaches, make a plan, select players, make in-game changes, and give detailed tactical instructions. This is very difficult for acting coach Yi Ki-hoon, who was a player until recently. It’s a ridiculous gamble, but Suwon made the choice. It is understood that he anticipated that there would be backlash and criticism. They put themselves out there in the open.

The same goes for Yeom Ki-hoon. He chose to drink the poisoned chalice in order to lead the remnants. On the 28th, Yeom Ki-hoon, who hasn’t given any interviews other than press releases, revealed his feelings on his personal SNS. “I’m really sorry to say goodbye at such a difficult time. All of you have been supporting us this season despite our poor performance, and I’m really sorry,” he said.

“In the 14 years that I’ve been with Suwon, I’ve experienced countless moments of choice, and in all of them, I think I’ve made decisions that were bigger than my own personal greed and bigger than the team, and I’ve never regretted those choices. I’ve worked hard to make sure that I don’t have any regrets,” he continued.

He talked about his acting role. “It’s the same with my acting position this time. It took more courage than ever before, but it’s still my choice. I know there are some things you can’t do with your heart, but I’m going to try and do it as hard as I’ve been doing so that I don’t regret the outcome,” he said.

“I understand the concerns of many people. From worrying about my inexperience, to worrying about the love you have for me, to worrying about the future of this team, which is not a perfect solution. But I don’t think the supporters, the players, the coaching staff, the club, I don’t think there’s any difference in the size of that worry and the size of the love for Suwon, and when those hearts come together, I think we’re stronger than any other team. Even in those moments of worry and anger, our players are sweating and preparing every day. We are trying to do whatever it takes to make it to the end with the hearts of many people in our hearts,” he said.

“The players and coaching staff, who will not allow my team to be relegated more than anyone else, are thinking and working hard day and night, watching the supporters who have loved this team for a longer period of time than the players, I did not want to avoid this situation and run away from it for my personal career or because I was afraid of taking responsibility. I believe that not only I, but any player or leader who loves Suwon would have done the same,” he said, referring to his reasons for accepting the acting position.

Finally, Yi Ki-hoon concluded, “I don’t mind that Suwon was able to miraculously survive from the brink every year, but it is an undeniable and unchanging fact that it was thanks to the supporters who ran and cheered as loudly as the players throughout the game. For the sake of our team, which is not over yet, as you always do in any situation, I am very sorry, but I would like to ask our players who are on the field until the end of the end to show their support and support for the members of the team called Suwon. I will try my best to die harder and harder in the remaining time so that the players who are trying to protect the team and those who love this team can make a choice without regret,” he said, urging Suwon supporters to support 토토사이트.

Faker ‘absent before China’ says “body flu came…juniors are long”

South Korea’s national League of Legends (LOL) team continued its push to become the inaugural Asian Games champions by defeating perennial favorites China.

The Korean national LOL team defeated China 2-0 in the LOL quarterfinals of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Monday morning at the Hangzhou Esports Center in Hangzhou, China.

With the victory, Korea avenged the disappointment of winning the LOL pilot event at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, five years after being denied by China. It secured at least a silver medal and gave South Korea its third esports medal after FC Online and Street Fighter 5.

The Koreans were without their captain and LOL “Living Legend” Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk), who was unable to play due to a cold, but other players stepped up to the plate. They took the first set and dominated Kisun before pulling off a thrilling comeback in the second set.

The Chinese smiled early in the second game when Seo “Canavi” Jin-hyuk’s Sejuani failed to gank the bot line early on. This was followed by a battle for the ‘Herald of the Gorge’ around the nine-minute mark, with Jeong “Chobi” Chung-hoon’s Taliya falling first, giving the Chinese a lead of over 2,000 gold.

However, the South Koreans didn’t back down easily and took the game in two sets. In the 12th minute of the second set, a team effort with individual brilliance pushed China away and secured the Dragon Buff. From then on, Korea followed suit and continued to make China uncomfortable.

Korea regained the lead after 19 minutes when Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s jerry exploded. Jung-woo-hoon’s Taliyah was crucial for Korea to get the objective. In the 26th minute, South Korea got the Nasher Baron buff and started to consolidate. In the 35th minute, they destroyed the Top Line Inhibitor and succeeded in the preliminary task of hunting the Elder Dragon.

South Korea skillfully pushed China back and scored an ace at 36-minutes. In the end, Korea destroyed the nexus in the 36th minute to advance to the final game and hunt for gold.

Despite not being able to play in the quarterfinals against China, Faker is happy that Korea made it to the final. He was coy about his chances of playing in the final, saying he didn’t know at this point.

“I’m not feeling well, so I’m wearing a mask,” Faker said in a Mixzone interview after the quarterfinals. I was feeling good up until then, but then I got sick. I went to the infirmary, then I came to the arena and watched the quarterfinals against China.”

“I got an injection today and took the prescribed medication, so I think I’m feeling a little better. “But Chobi is playing well and China is playing well, so I can’t say if he’ll play (in the final) or not,” he explained.

However, Faker was pleased with the fact that the team moved one step closer to Asian Games gold and won the de facto final of the tournament against China, who, along with South Korea, are the reigning LOL world champions.

“They’ve been preparing for a lot longer than us, so it was great to see them win,” Faker said. “There were a lot of fans in the stadium and a lot of Korean fans cheering us on through the screen, so I’m glad and proud that we won 2-0,” he said.

Meanwhile, Korea will play the winner of the Taiwan-India match on Monday evening for the LOL gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. LOL is an official sport at the Games. A cloud of Chinese fans and media gathered at the stadium, showing their enthusiasm for the Korean-Chinese match, the El Clasico of LOL, and their support for the athletes.메이저사이트

Ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Korean Sports Federation predicted at least 44 gold medals, including six in swimming, six in archery, four in taekwondo, four in modern pentathlon, three in soft tennis (taekwondo), three in go, two in badminton, two in golf, two in shooting, two in sport climbing, two in judo, two in rollers and two in e-sports. The target of two e-sports is on track.

‘Ambition turned into reality’ Lee Eun-ji wins bronze in 200m backstroke, then 100m…with team event still to come

South Korean women’s swimming ‘high schooler’ Lee Eun-ji (17-Bangsango) won her second medal of the day. She won bronze in the 100 meters after winning the 200 meters backstroke.

Lee finished third in the women’s 100m backstroke final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games with a time of 1:00.03 on Sunday at the Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pool in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

Wan Rutian (CHN) won gold in 59.38, while Wang Xue’er (CHN) took silver in 59.52.

Wang was initially fourth in the 50-meter race, but rallied at the end to move into third place, ahead of Hong Kong’s Au Hoi Shun Stephanie. She took the bronze medal. 스포츠토토

Lee won bronze in the 200m backstroke final at the same venue on Saturday, clocking 2:09.75. She wasn’t in the medal hunt until 150 meters, when she performed a dramatic flip in the final 50 meters to claim bronze.

This is Lee’s first medal as an individual. It’s also the first time in 25 years that women’s swimming has won a medal at an Asian Games since Choi Soo-min (100m bronze) and Shim Min-ji (200m bronze) at Bangkok 1998.

“It’s been 25 years, and I broke it,” she cheered. After qualifying, he said, “I will fight in the final. There’s also a team competition,” he said after the preliminaries. For now, the ‘multi-medal’ was a success.

‘Troublemaker’ Sancho’s 85.4 billion transfer fee: parent club BVB abandoned re-signing due to unreasonable demands

Borussia Dortmund have effectively given up on re-signing Jadon Sancho.

“Dortmund have given up on bringing Sancho back for 60 million euros ($85.4 million) due to a number of concerns,” German outlet Sport Bild reported on Sunday.

Sancho joined United from Borussia Dortmund in 2021. The Red Devils spent €85 million on his signing, touting him as their next ace.

He didn’t quite live up to the hype. Sancho has been in a slump since joining United. In his first season, he had a disappointing five goals and three assists.

His prospects for this season weren’t much better. Sancho struggled to compete for a starting spot. Despite not having any major problems, he was never given a starting spot.

He even had a falling out with head coach Erik ten Haag. Sancho took to social media to say, “I trained very well this week. I believe there are other reasons for my exclusion from this match,” he wrote on social media, publicly criticizing Ten Haag.

He did not escape punishment. “Sancho will remain out of the first team and in private training until the matter is resolved,” United announced on the club’s official website on April 15.

The rift has only grown deeper. According to a report in the UK’s Mirror on June 26, Sancho has been banned from all first-team facilities, including the club’s cafeteria.

A return to Dortmund emerged as his only hope. According to a report in Sport Bild, Dortmund had been seriously considering bringing Sancho back since shortly after his falling out with Van Gaal.

The stumbling block was the transfer fee. The publication states, “United demanded €60 million for Sancho’s transfer. Dortmund were not willing to spend that much on a player who had become a household name.” 스포츠토토

Dortmund’s lack of confidence in Sancho is not without reason. Sancho was reportedly late and disloyal when he played for Dortmund between 2017 and 2021.

‘Feuding with Ten Hach’ Sancho has discipline issues from Dortmund days…late to training + all-nighters playing without sleep

Jadon Sancho apparently had attitude problems even during his time at Dortmund.

Manchester United source ‘Utd Report’ was quoted by Germany’s ‘Bild’ on Sunday as saying, “Sancho’s discipline problems were always a concern when he played for Dortmund. He would be late for training or disappear for two or three days after a game,” the report said.

“The biggest problem, according to Dortmund hierarchy, is that Sancho sleeps too little and plays through the night,” he added.

Sancho joined Dortmund from Manchester City’s youth academy in 2017. After gradually increasing his playing time, it wasn’t until the 2018-19 season that Sancho really started to make his mark, when he led the Bundesliga with 12 goals and 14 assists. The following season, he scored 17 goals and provided 16 assists in the league.

Man Utd were interested and signed him for €85 million in the summer of 2021. However, his first season was a disappointment. Sancho made 29 Premier League (PL) appearances, scoring three goals and providing three assists. This was a far cry from his previous three seasons at Dortmund, where he racked up 20-30 attacking points in the league alone.

He didn’t make much of an impact last season either. With the arrival of new coach Ten Hagh, he tried to show a different side, but it didn’t work out. In particular, Sancho struggled with illness ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which led to him being left out of England’s final World Cup roster.

His lack of form took a toll on him mentally. This caused Sancho to leave the club for a while to train privately. He returned after a 100-day absence and ended up with six goals and three assists in 26 league games.

This season, he’s bounced back. Despite a strong preseason, his opportunities are still limited. He started the season as a substitute in three consecutive league games. In the fourth round against Arsenal, he was left off the roster altogether.

In the meantime, Marcus Rashford, Alejandro Garnacho, and Anthony have taken over the left flank. When Rashford wasn’t deployed on the left, Garnacho was given the opportunity, and Anthony started all four games on the right wing. Facundo Felistri came off the bench midway through the game to replace Anthony.

Then something went wrong. After Sancho was left out of the squad against Arsenal in September, the last game before the international break, Van Gaal said, “I watched him in training and I didn’t pick him. At United, we always demand a certain level and you have to be up to it,” he said, explaining his decision to leave Sancho out of the squad.

In the midst of the frustration, when Van Gaal pointed out his performance in training, Sancho exploded, writing on social media, “Please don’t believe everything! I trained very well this week. I think there are other reasons why I didn’t play. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time. All I want is to play football with a smile on my face. I respect all the decisions of the coaching staff. I will continue to fight for this team,” he said.

This led to rumors of a feud with coach Ten Haag. He has since deleted the post after the controversy escalated. He also returned to training after the international break. However, the club’s own decision was to exclude him from first-team training. “Sancho is excluded from first-team training until his disciplinary issues are resolved. He will continue to train privately.”

The Telegraph reported on the 15th that “Sancho rejected Van Gaal’s demand for a public apology. He was expelled from the first-team squad with immediate effect. Sancho believes he is the victim of a double standard at the club.” The news came as a surprise. 토토사이트

Global media outlet ESPN reported on Friday that “Man United players have called on Sancho to apologize. Sancho has been at odds with manager Eric ten Haag since being excluded from the Arsenal game earlier this month. He has been banished from first-team training but still refuses to apologize and there is no indication when he will return,” ESPN reported.

“This situation has been going on for over three weeks. Now England teammates including Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire have spoken out and told Sancho to go to Van Gaal and apologize. The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) is also looking to mediate between Sancho and van Gaal.”

‘Rookie Seung-bin Choi received Wonju’ Unique and enjoyable DB and fan ‘pre-opening greetings’

Rookie Choi Seung-bin has the strongest thighs in the DB.

On the 26th, the Wonju DB held a fan meet-and-greet following a scrimmage against the Seoul Samsung at the Wonju General Gymnasium. The first scrimmage was a close one, with DB winning 72-70. 레고토토

Although it was a scrimmage, the atmosphere was just as exciting as the regular season. Even before the game started, many fans came to the stadium and stayed in their seats, and the on-court announcers kept the atmosphere bright. There were events such as ‘Guess the first goal’ and cheerleading performances at halftime.

Thanks to the fans’ support, DB won the game 72-70 with Lawson’s mid-range shot in the closing seconds. After the game, it was time for the players and fans to mingle. Fans spent some time practicing dances with the cheerleaders while the team took a break for maintenance. When the team reassembled, Coach Kim jokingly greeted them, saying, “I think the players were nervous because there were so many fans here.”

Next up was thigh wrestling. The finalists were Lee Yoon-soo and Choi Seung-bin, who competed against each other. As a surprise, Fan and Kim Hyun-ho also competed in thigh wrestling. The final was tense. Rookie Choi Seung-bin defeated Lee Yoon-soo to become the champion, and he even did a ceremony by pointing to his thighs.

There was also a time for fans to ask the athletes questions. When asked if there was a player he would like to introduce his younger sister to, Lee Min-seok said, “(Choi) Seung-wook. He’s handsome, humorous, and I think he would be good to my sister.” Choi Seung Wook laughed and said, “Thank you.”

When asked about his award aspirations, Park Chan-hee said, “I want to win the Lee Sung-gu Fair Play Award this season. It’s the hardest award to win, but I think I can finish my career well if I win it. I will try to maintain a good relationship with the referees,” she laughed. DB concluded the event by taking a group photo and seeing the players off.