‘Native’ footy goes global, International Jockeys Federation (IJF) founded

The Korean futsal team has successfully completed the 1st World Futsal Championships (Yanggu, August 25-27), taking a strong step towards the Sege futsalization. Korea, the dominant nation in futsal, was crowned the inaugural champion. The event was attended by athletes from 11 countries.

Prior to this, the founding general assembly of the IJF (International Jokgu Federation) was held on the 24th at the KCP Hotel in Yanggu. The IJF is an international organization that complies with the Olympic Charter and was established to represent jokgu.

Hong Ki-yong, President of the IJF and the Korean Jokgu Association, as well as representatives from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, Iraq, Laos, Pakistan, and Thailand, attended the inaugural meeting.

For the deliberations, member organizations were divided into three categories: full members, associate members, and recognized organizations. Delegates were also elected. The delegates who attended the inaugural congress were elected as delegates, with full member organizations having three delegates, associate member organizations having two delegates, and recognized organizations having one delegate. The federation will hold a general assembly every two years. He then shared the highlights of the Constitution.

At the end of the Founding General Assembly, President Hong Ki-yong explained its meaning: “We are taking steps to take futsal to the world one by one. At the inaugural general meeting, the resolution was passed unanimously without a single dissent. I am grateful to the members who came from far away for the General Assembly. They took long flights from Europe and even had a stopover in Iraq, where it was difficult to get a visa,” he said. 온라인카지노

“Domestically, we adopted the sport as an official event at the National Championships, and externally, we launched the International Futsal Federation this year, and we will launch the Asian Federation next year,” he said, revealing the blueprint.