‘Bewildered, Disappointed, Angry’ Fans “How did this happen” before KCC tie?

“All the fans are crying, it’s just a disaster, and I blame the incompetent city of Jeonju. As a resident and fan of Jeonju, I feel sorry for KCC.”

The rumored relocation of Jeonju KCC has finally become a reality.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) held a board meeting at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Tuesday and approved the move of KCC from Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, to Busan.

KCC, which acquired the Daejeon Hyundai Gullivers in May 2001, moved from Daejeon to Jeonju. However, with the board’s decision, KCC will move back to Busan after 22 years.

KCC has been considering relocating recently, citing trust issues with the city of Jeonju, which has not fulfilled its promise to build a gymnasium for seven years.

The city of Jeonju expressed strong regret over the decision, saying it was a “hasty and unilateral decision.” In a statement, the city said, “After the rumors of relocation arose, we visited and met with the KCC Aegis basketball team, and we also asked the KCC Group to meet with the chairman, but there was no answer.” “It was a unilateral move, as if it was a scripted move,” it said.

“We made it clear to KCC that the demolition of the current home stadium, Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, would be postponed until 2026 so that we would not have to vacate the gymnasium, and that the new home stadium to be built in the Complex Sports Town would be completed by 2026, including an auxiliary stadium.” “However, KCC avoided meeting with the city of Jeonju and only repeated the incomprehensible words ‘Jeonju cannot be trusted’ while forcibly pushing for the relocation,” he explained.

Fans have been left confused and disappointed. They are criticizing Jeonju in a strong tone for failing to protect their hometown.

“In 2016, it was decided that KCC would relocate to Suwon,” said Choi Mo, a longtime KCC fan. “At that time, the relocation to Suwon was dramatically withdrawn due to the united efforts of fans and citizens, and Jeonju’s promise to build a new gymnasium, but in the end, it’s a shame that they are leaving.”

“In the meantime, KCC’s facilities were so poor that they were using a stadium built in the 1970s,” he said. “They were supposed to complete a new gym this year, but they haven’t even started construction since the groundbreaking ceremony in March.” “Even in the midst of this, Jeonju vacated the indoor gym in Jeonju and asked us to use Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium,” he said, adding, “There is no apology for causing this situation.”

“KCC is not only a popular team in the national league, but also the only Honam-based basketball team,” said A (29), an office worker in Seoul. “Recently, the team has been doing a lot of activities, including successfully signing free agents, but they suddenly lost their hometown team like this,” he said. “If I were the team, I would have been offended if I saw how Jeonju City reversed its promise to build a new gymnasium for the sake of establishing a second baseball stadium and continued its shoddy administration by asking the team to vacate the gymnasium they were using.”

On the day, the Jeonju City Hall website (Nurijip) was temporarily crashed due to the influx of disgruntled fans and citizens before the relocation. The department in charge of the city hall was inundated with protest calls.

“I am very angry that a prestigious club has to be sent away like this,” wrote a 20-year fan on the bulletin board, adding, “The incompetence of Jeonju City has been revealed as a fact. Another citizen, Mr. B, wrote, “KCC was a great pride for Jeonju,” and said, “I’m angry that Jeonju is leaving because they didn’t keep their promise.” 먹튀검증

“KCC is deeply embedded in the image of Jeonju,” said Ms. Song Mo. “It makes no sense to abandon KCC for the sake of building a second baseball stadium. It’s not only taking away what belongs to Jeonju, but also to the people of North Jeolla Province.”