Choi Jun-yong and Heo Woong dominate, KCC defeats Yonsei with a fourth-quarter surge

KCC sparred with Yonsei.

Jeonju KCC held a practice match against Yonsei University at the KCC Practice Gym in Mabuk-dong, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. The result was a 102-90 victory.

Lee Ho-hyun (182 cm, G), Heo Woong (185 cm, G), Jung Chang-young (193 cm, G), Choi Jun-yong (200 cm, F), and Yeo Jun-hyung (198 cm, F) were in the starting lineup. Aside from Lee Seung-hyun (197 cm, F) and Ra Gun-ah (199 cm, C), who were called up to the national team, this was their best squad.

However, KCC was unable to stop Yonsei’s three points early in the game. Lee Kyu-tae (199 cm, F/C) and Lee Joo-young (189 cm, G) made back-to-back shots from the 3-point line. The first timeout was called just 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the game.

The players’ focus changed, as did their physicality and defensive attitude, but KCC was unable to penetrate Yonsei’s defense. They couldn’t create a solid scoring option. After that, they gave up another three-pointer to Lee Ju-young. KCC’s rhythm was shaken.

However, the one-two punch of the current lineup, including Choi Jun-yong and Heo Woong, was strong. Choi attacked the Yonsei defense with a variety of moves, while Heo finished with a three and a breakaway. With the one-two punch behind them, KCC pulled within 19-21 with three minutes left in the first quarter.

When they needed to pull away, KCC’s defense was not up to the task. In particular, they couldn’t control Lee’s three-pointers. A steal by Lee Min-seo (181 cm, G) led to a turnover. After a bad start, KCC ended the first quarter with a score of 25-36.

Choi Jun-yong raised the tension with a one-handed dunk following a breakaway. The crowd in the practice gym cheered. He never stopped interacting with his teammates. He showed his strength as an on-court leader.

Energized, KCC played faster and faster. They had fun with defense and fast breaks. They closed the gap with Yonsei at 32-36 with 3 minutes and 7 seconds left in the second quarter. They kept Yonsei busy.

After closing the gap with Yonsei, KCC utilized a variety of players. Instead of changing the main players at once, they called players to the bench one by one. The team’s energy level was also raised slowly.

There was also an element of anxiety. We had a lot of players on the court who hadn’t played much. This resulted in poor game management and poor team chemistry. This weakness was most evident in the defense.

With a shaky defense, KCC started the third quarter with a 44-50 lead. Lee Ho-hyun, Heo Woong, Lee Geun-hwi (187 cm, G), Choi Jun-yong, and Yeo Jun-hyung came out in the third quarter. Small lineup formation. It was also a lineup to counter Yonsei’s outside shooting and speed.

All the players threw themselves at the ball. KCC’s energy level increased accordingly. So did the decibels of the fans cheering for KCC. The mood of the game shifted in their favor. It looked like KCC could pull off the upset.

However, KCC showed another weakness in their perimeter defense. This time, Yoo Yoo-sang (189 cm, G) hit back-to-back three-pointers. This was the reason why KCC missed the chance to come back. The score was 56-59 with 5:55 left in the third quarter. 메이저사이트

The main resources such as Choi Jun-yong and Heo Woong showed determination. Lee Geun-hwi also showed concentration. He made a three-pointer from the left wing. Lee’s 3-pointer turned the tide. KCC finished the third quarter with a 75-70 lead.

The combination of Lee Ho-hyun and Heo Woong, Jung Chang-young and Choi Jun-yong took the court. This is the lineup that can move the ball the best and play the fastest. However, KCC didn’t play as well as they wanted to. They played a seesaw game with Yonsei.

However, KCC has two of the best players in the KBL. Choi Jun-yong and Heo Woong. When it came time to decide the game, Choi and Heo dominated.

Choi and Heo made a highlight reel with 2:34 left in the game. A steal by Jung Chang-young, a behind-the-back pass by Heo Woong, and a dunk by Choi Jun-yong. With a 98-87 lead, KCC was no longer under the threat of defeat. They held off Yonsei in a hard-fought game.